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Finance Products available to Business

The finance products available to businesses are as follows:

Finance Lease
A Finance Lease  is a finance product whereby the client rents the asset of the financier while the financier retains the ownership of the asset. Read more...

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is a where the client hires the asset off the financier under a loan contract. The financier is the owner of the asset. Read more...

Chattel Mortgage
A Chattel Mortgage is a finance product where the client retains the ownership of the asset and the financier takes a mortgage of a lien over the assets. Read more...

Novated Lease
Novated Lease is a lease between the financier and an individual employee. The employee and their employer then enter into an agreement called the Deed of Novation. Read more...


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