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Development Funding

Absolute Financial Services can arrange development finance for residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail and hospitality orientated property throughout Australia.

Typical development funding structures fall into two main categories; hard cost based facilities and the GRV based facilities:

Hard Cost Facilities
Hard Cost based facilities are typically offered by Banks and other major institutions. The loan amount is restricted to a maximum percentage of the actual hard costs of the project. Typically the maximum percentage is approximately 80% of the hard costs of the project. We can assist you with lending up to 85% of the Total Development Costs.

GRV based facilities
Gross Realisable Value based facilities are based on the sale value of the project, on a cost to complete basis. The GRV based facility focuses on the profit potential of the project, and are typically sourced through private funding channels. By utilizing GRV based products means that potentially 100% of project costs can be funded. We can assist you with lending up to 70% of the end value of the project.


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